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    Build Your New Home in Nashville, TN

    Building new homes in Nashville, TN, is your opportunity to begin your new life in one of the most thriving areas of the Southern United States.

    Recognized as the country music capital of the world and home to countless artists and musicians, Nashville is one of the country’s cultural epicenters.

    It probably comes as no surprise that home builders in Nashville, TN, have seen an unprecedented surge in construction in recent years. The city is experiencing a booming market, a flourishing craft beer scene, and some of the best American cuisine in the land.

    Today, Nashville boasts great schools, safe neighborhoods, and a friendly tax system for people looking to build new homes in Nashville.

    Start your new life by looking into homes in the Nashville area. As one of the hottest cities in the real estatemarket, homes remain affordable.

    Facts about Nashville, TN

    Unlike other areas of the country, Nashville homes remain relatively affordable. Now has never been a better time to purchase before the market increases in value.

    Demand has remained high in the city, with the average home listing remaining on the market for only 28 days before being taken off. Any Nashville home builder will tell you that demand has grown considerably in the last decade, and Davidson Homes is no different. We love helping people realize their dream of living near Nashville!

    As one of the most desirable cities in the US by all metrics, act now to build or buy your dream home.

    Suburbs of Nashville, TN

    Every suburb of Nashville offers something different. As housing prices in the city continue to rise, more homebuyers are turning to the suburbs for housing opportunities. Find your forever home that matches your personality, interests, and lifestyle.

    Here’s a short rundown of some of the top places to buy new houses in Nashville, TN, and why you might want to consider living in one of these neighborhoods.


    Gallatin is located 20 miles from Nashville’s downtown area and close to Old Hickory Lake. Residents who have purchased their homes in new subdivisions in Nashville, TN, love the range of theaters, museums, and golf courses surrounding the area. Davidson Homes loves being a premier home builder in Gallatin!


    Smyrna is the perfect community for people who want a relaxed neighborhood away from Nashville’s capital just 25 miles outside of the city.

    This suburb offers top-rated schools and high-quality amenities for individuals and families who prefer a relaxed way of living.


    Murfreesboro is roughly 30 miles southeast of Nashville. If you’re seeking a home in an area with historical significance, you might want to consider a home here.

    A famous American Civil War battle occurred in Murfreesboro, meaning it’s a suburb with tremendous history. It’s also become a thriving community and top-ranking boomtown, becoming a popular area for homes.

    White House

    White House is 26 miles north of Nashville and is rapidly growing due to its close proximity to the Music City.

    Living in White House gives you a great mix of big-city and small-town living. This area is small enough to recognize your neighbors and know the people in the community by name but also close enough to Nashville to feel like you’re getting a taste of city life.

    In addition to a small-town feel, White House offers top-rated schools. Overall, it is a beautiful place for individuals and families who prefer a relaxed way of living.

    Schools in Nashville, TN

    The suburbs of Nashville are known for their top-rated schools. There are public and private school options available at the primary, secondary, and tertiary education levels, meaning you can give your children the head-start in life they deserve.

    Things to Do in Nashville

    Most of the attractions in Nashville revolve around music. Whether traveling through the city or choosing to lay down roots, you will find a city filled with live music venues. The outer suburbs are no exception.

    The city is home to the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. The historic Ryman Auditorium can also be accessed downtown. Nashville is also home to the Johnny Cash Museum, which celebrates the accomplishments of one of the greatest musicians of all time.

    But there is more to do in Nashville than just music. You will find relaxing green spaces, world-class cuisine, and a relatively safe city you can easily explore on foot.

    New Home Construction in Nashville, TN

    Davidson Homes has been building new single-family homes in the outer suburbs of Nashville since 2017. We are the affordable home builders in Nashville, TN, that can make your dream home a reality.

    If you are looking for new homes for sale, you can request a selection of our listings in your preferred neighborhood. Buying with Davidson Homes enables you to own new homes in Nashville, TN, at a price you can afford. Just check out the map to see our listings.

    Unlike other home builders, we offer a mortgage service for prospective homeowners looking to finance their new purchases. Get in touch about a mortgage, and we will propose and provide the help you need to navigate today’s booming real estatemarket.

    Alternatively, we have a selection of premade construction plans we can offer you. Need changes made throughout the process? You won’t have to worry. Davidson Homes works with our clients to ensure everything is perfect come moving day.

    To learn more about our active listings or to schedule your new home construction project, contact Davidson Homes now.

    The Benefits of New Home Construction

    Why should you consider building a new house instead of purchasing an older home in the current market?

    Davidson Homes believes that a move-in ready home is the only way to go if you’re looking to write a new chapter. Here are some reasons why more and more Americans are choosing new home construction.

    Low Maintenance

    There are no maintenance issues to consider upfront because every home component is new.

    Since a new construction has never been lived in, you will save in countless ways. You don’t have to worry about repainting, remodeling, and refreshing your new home because everything is built to your specifications.

    Get the Home You Really Want

    Newbuild homes provide an unprecedented opportunity to customize your home according to your needs.

    Most people compromise on the features of their dream homes, but that isn’t necessary when you work with Davidson Homes. We can accommodate your housing wish list!

    Energy-Efficient Homes

    With utility bills rising, implementing green, energy-efficient building processes is crucial. Sustainable new homes embrace the latest advancements in energy efficiency.

    We use premium building materials to ensure that you save money on your energy bills. With one of our new, energy-efficient homes, you can save thousands of dollars on your utilities over the years.

    Fresh and Clean

    Nothing looks or smells like a brand-new house. The fresh paint, new carpet, wood, and floors all remind you that you’re walking into your new construction. Get the best start in Nashville with a home that is truly yours.

    The finish of a new construction home enables you to enjoy your home from day one without the hassle or expense of managing move-in maintenance costs.

    Top Amenities

    When you build a new home, you can include the top amenities in your construction. These high-quality features will benefit you in the short and long term.

    These amenities include energy efficiencies from your appliances, lighting, and windows, a large walk-in closet, and a massive garage with optimal storage space. If you’re ever looking to sell your home, these are the features that future home buyers will seek.

    Functional, Modern Design

    Updating older homes can be a challenge.

    In some cases, bringing these houses up to modern standards may be impossible without investing thousands of dollars. If you own a historical home, you may be prohibited from updating the home how you want to.

    New homes give you the utmost flexibility in designing a functional floor plan that accommodates the modern features that today’s homeowners desire.

    Build a home that embraces Nashville’s style, flare, and feel while checking off all the items on your wish list.

    Affordable Homes for You

    Newly constructed homes aren’t as expensive as many think. Yes, there may be a premium on a home built with the latest materials, but that is only the sticker price.

    The reduction in maintenance and more energy efficiency options means that your new home is an investment that will ultimately cost you less than purchasing an existing home over time.

    Davidson Homes offers affordable homes that real people can access. We want to help future homebuyers achieve the American Dream of owning their own home in beautiful communities they love.

    If you’re exploring new homes in Nashville, TN, consider Davidson Homes to build the place of your dreams.

    Why Davidson Homes?

    Davidson Homes has achieved a high level of success in a short period, and for a good reason.

    Our commitment to high-quality builds has attracted hundreds of new residents to the suburbs of Nashville. We use only the best materials in our construction. Our team of experienced homebuilders will never cut corners to save on costs or to get a home ready for the market.

    Every newly constructed home receives a new home warranty that guarantees the quality of our work. That’s how confident we are that you will fall in love with our new homes.

    Davidson Homes builds homes for the modern homebuyer. We understand the frustrations of trying to make an older, existing house meet your standards. That’s why we have created functional floor plans and collaborate to ensure you get the home you truly want.

    Moreover, our partnership with local lenders enables us to help you secure a mortgage to fund your new build. Our clients access competitive mortgage rates to ensure they never pay more than they need to.

    When buying new homes in Nashville, TN, our customers deserve nothing but the best. Contact Davidson Homes, and our friendly team will be ready to answer any questions you might have about embarking on your home-buying journey. Get started today!

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