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    Searching for your forever home is one thing. Finding it is another.

    Davidson Homes is a premier new home builder in Woodstock, GA, helping buyers purchase the home of their dreams in a thriving community, booming small business hub, and regional tourism destination.

    Homes for sale in downtown Woodstock, GA, are more affordable than you think, and come with all the modern amenities you want in a forever home. You’ll find the perfect floorplan browsing the latest listings on the Davidson Homes site. We’re confident that once you view Davidson Homes for sale in Woodstock, GA, you’ll fall in love with our homes!

    Facts about Woodstock, GA

    Woodstock exists because of development of the railway system in the United States. Woodstock gained its recognition in the late 1800s when the railroad expanded into Georgia.

    Today, Woodstock is a city comprised of seven distinct neighborhoods clustered around a thriving downtown area. Davidson’s dedicated home builders in Woodstock, GA, have been hard at work providing affordable homes for homebuyers in one of the area’s most dynamic cities.

    Woodstock's current population is around 32,000 people, with people moving out of Atlanta in search of a calmer lifestyle.

    Schools in Woodstock, GA

    Anyone searching for houses for sale in Woodstock, GA, also needs to be aware of the quality of the schools. Woodstock is located within the Cherokee County School District, consisting of 14 public schools.

    Most of these schools are ranked highly and outperform other schools in the state. Bascomb Elementary School, Kennesaw State University, and Southern Polytechnic State University are also noted among some of the top options for educating your children.

    Things to Do in Woodstock, GA

    Woodstock may be small compared to nearby Atlanta, but there are plenty of fun things to do in the area. First, you are never more than a short drive from your nearest nature trail, giving you the opportunity to get out into the wilderness nearby. A day spent hiking well-tended trails is always fun for the family!

    Exploring Olde Rope Mill Park is another must for fun things to do in and around Woodstock. It’s a wonderful area to go kayaking, fishing, or simply enjoy a good picnic.

    You can also take the kids to Stars and Strikes, a 50,000-square-foot facility that includes everything from an arcade to bowling and laser tag.

    And of course, Woodstock, GA, houses are located just 30 miles from Atlanta, so you are also within easy reach of the city.

    Our Communities

    Davidson Homes has played a massive role in bringing more houses for sale in Woodstock, GA, to the area. We are proud of our role in the story of this growing city.

    Explore homes and townhomes for sale in Woodstock, GA, by browsing our friendly, spacious, and modern communities.

    The Village at Towne Lake

    Moving to The Village at Towne Lake puts you within arm’s length of one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in Woodstock. With swimming pools, fitness centers, and even a clubhouse, this is an upscale neighborhood for families who want to enjoy the top suburb amenities.

    The close proximity to downtown Woodstock also means you are never more than a few minutes away from the city's shopping, dining, and entertainment options.


    Tanglewood is a prestigious community featuring our executive-style homes. Located close to both Woodstock and Marietta, children in this neighborhood have easy access to the highly rated Lassiter High School District.

    Like Village of Towne Lake residents, Tanglewood residents are also located close to all the downtown amenities Woodstock residents love.

    The Village at Sandy Plains

    The Village at Sandy Plains is located in the well-known Marietta district. This community is currently under construction, but there is a waiting list available for those who want to be the first to know when homes are available.

    The Village at Shallowford

    The Village at Shallowford is also located within Marietta and not far from our other community in Sandy Plains. Like our Sandy Plains community, these homes are still under construction.

    Get added to the list to find out when these homes will be ready to buy.

    The Benefits of a New Home

    Why should you choose a new home?

    The market for houses for sale in Woodstock, GA, continues to heat up every year. More and more Americans are choosing newly constructed homes over older, existing homes, making our homes a great opportunity.

    Your dream home is right around the corner, so why not make your move with Davidson Homes?

    Get Your Perfect Home

    Purchasing an existing home can mean compromising on your wants and needs. Older homes often lack the updates and feel of modern houses. Meanwhile, new construction homes have floor plans and functionality to match your lifestyle. Additionally, there is also no need to make drastic changes, which you may be unable to do with certain building types.

    Your perfect home is within close range. Let Davidson Homes help you find your dream abode.

    Move-In Ready Tomorrow

    If you’re buying a home from a previous owner, it can mean waiting a long time to complete the move-in process.

    One of the most significant benefits of buying a new home is there is no previous owner. All you have to do is sign the papers and move in.

    If you still need help securing financing, Davidson Homes can support you in getting your mortgage at a competitive rate.

    No Maintenance Necessary

    Even a home in fantastic condition may still require you to perform some maintenance. Renovating and decorating costs time and money. Nobody wants to spend months bringing their new home up to standard.

    New construction homes have no lingering issues because nobody has ever lived in the home. Everything is brand-new and constructed from premium materials, ensuring the materials' longevity.

    Should you encounter an issue with your Davidson Home, every home purchased from Davidson Homes has a new home warranty. If you discover any problems, your warranty ensures that they will be rectified promptly at no additional cost to you.

    Clean and Ready

    Nothing is like walking into a home knowing that you are the first person to occupy the space.

    When you choose Davidson Homes, you get a modern layout and contemporary appliances, which are energy-efficient and affordable. Enjoy the superior finishes and amenities of a brand-new residence from Davidson Homes. You will have everything you need to move in immediately and make the home your own.

    More Affordable than You Thought

    New constructions often get the unfair label of being more expensive than existing homes. While there may be some truth when you look only at listing prices, when you go beyond the original price, you begin to see the real value of a new build.

    First, you need to pay for an inspector to examine an existing home for problems. Failure to do so means you could get stuck in an unlivable home with no recourse.

    Second, maintenance is a considerable cost. Older homes may require thousands of dollars to bring them back to the best standards. Even newer homes typically require a coat of paint after moving in, especially when the previous owner’s taste doesn’t suit you.

    Third, new homes are designed with energy efficiency in mind. Energy bills have skyrocketed in recent years, meaning your utility bills have never been more expensive. Older homes are naturally less energy efficient.

    It may not seem like a big deal, but an energy-efficient home can save you hundreds of dollars yearly on your expenses. You do not need to invest in insulation and other energy-efficient appliances because they are already there by default.

    In the long run, new construction is a worthy investment that leaves you with a higher-quality home that you and your family can enjoy for years to come.

    Why Davidson Homes?

    Choosing Davidson Homes means selecting the best. We offer a range of floor plans within our new communities that suit your budget, needs, and lifestyle. Our work began in 2017, but in the short amount of time since then, we have established ourselves as one of the premier home builders in Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, Alabama, and Texas.

    We are always committed to working with construction teams that understand the importance of putting quality first. You will never see us cutting corners or using cheaper alternatives to get the job done at a lower price.

    Each home we build uses the best materials. We are so confident in the quality of our builds that every new home comes standard with a new home warranty.

    Davidson Homes believes in building modern homes for the modern homebuyer. Our floor plans are functional and use every square foot because we want you to get the most value out of one of the most important investments of your life.

    Beyond building work, we also work with our clients in securing mortgages for their homes. Our partnerships with lenders in local markets give us access to the very best rates. Take the hassle out of securing your mortgage. Your dream home could be just a few weeks away.

    Contact Davidson Homes to learn more about our communities, our services, and how we build our homes. If you already have your eye on one of our newest communities, get in touch, and we will add you to our VIP list. Be the first to know when those communities are ready to move into.

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