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February 14, 2021

Caring for Your Davidson Home in Winter Weather

The Southeast is preparing for potentially hazardous winter weather in the coming days. Make sure you’re prepared by reading the tips below on how to keep your Davidson home safe.

Safety Tips

  • Your thermostat should be set at or above 55 degrees. Be sure to keep the temperature the same throughout the day and night.
  • Leave your cabinet doors below sinks open to allow indoor heat circulation around the pipes.
  • Allow the faucet to drip with cold water during the day and night.
  • Bring your outside water hoses inside and drain sprinkler lines.
  • Cover your outside water spigot. You can use a “pipe sleeve” like those sold at home repair stores, heat tape, or other specially made products to protect exposed water pipes.
  • Keep your garage door closed.
  • Keep an emergency kit of necessary items in case of loss of power, heat, or phone services.

Stay informed of your local weather forecast and stay safe by taking precautions when possible. Being prepared now can save you from potentially costly repairs in the future.